How to Pose for a Portfolio Shoot


When you see a model or a celebrity posing for a photo, they make it look so easy, but don’t be fooled there is a lot of hard work going on there that you probably do not see. They are thinking hard and know exactly what they are doing.

If you do get a chance to get your own portfolio done, which is probably why you are here, then there are a few things that you must remember:

Think and understand what you are doing: Nonverbal communications are an integral part of any photo shoot. Pay attention to the way you are positioning your body. However you do it, you are conveying a message. The most important trait that any aspiring model must learn is the art to look natural. I say that this is an art because it is only human nature to become tensed when you pose for a photograph. Relax your body and let your arms and legs take a natural comfortable position.

Communicate with the surrounding: As a model your immediate surrounding is the photographer. It is important to be comfortable and build a rapport with the photographer. That will help you to bring your own ideas in the shoot. Once you build a good rapport with the photographer or the director, there is a good chance that they will recommend you for future assignments. As I mentioned earlier, you need to be more comfortable in the location of the photo shoot. Interact with the things around, with people around for those natural shots.

Maintain a good posture: A good posture not only makes the photo look good but it brings out a sense of grace for the person who looks at those pictures. For a good posture you need to keep your back straight and push your shoulders back, this will make you look confident, taller and slimmer. To look more toned, hold the stomach in just before the photographer clicks.

Practice makes a model perfect: Thanks to the internet, there’s no limit to the amount of information you can find on how to pose for a model photo shoot. Look around, practice some of those stances, improvise, see what looks good and what you feel comfortable doing. You may also want to seek some expert advice. Look at your past photos and see where you can make changes to look better. Model photography is often about the brand that you’re endorsing. Whether it’s the clothes, the makeup or a product, think what you can do to appear more interconnected with the brand or the product. Stop thinking about yourself and look at the bigger picture.

These and many other techniques help to make a perfect portfolio. The most important, I think, is to enjoy the shoot. Easier said than done; photo shoots can be a long tiring process, but it is essential to enjoy what you are doing; even the slightest disinterest, fatigue and boredom shows up in the picture. You know they say: A picture is worth a thousand words.

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